Kerr: Draymond 'crossed the line' with ejection in final seconds


Steve Kerr was not happy with Draymond Green following Saturday’s 102-100 loss to the Charlotte Hornets.

The Golden State Warriors head coach said his star forward “crossed the line” after Green was ejected with 9.3 seconds remaining and arguably cost the Warriors the game, allowing Charlotte to come back and win on a buzzer-beater from Terry Rozier.

The ejection began following a jump ball at mid-court with 13.3 seconds remaining. Hornets forward Gordon Hayward appeared to gain possession of the jump ball and fell to the ground as he came down with it, but Green went down to the floor with Hayward, who did not appear to have full control of the ball.

The officials blew the whistle for what Green figured to be another jump ball, but Hayward apparently called a timeout, which was awarded to the Hornets.

Green was furious and immediately began sounding off about it and was assessed a technical foul. He argued some more and began heading to the locker room after being assessed a second technical as well.

Rozier was given two free throws because of the double technical and sank them both to tie the game. Seconds later, he hit the game-winning shot from the corner baseline.

“He crossed the line,” Kerr said, per ESPN. “That’s the main thing. We love his passion and his energy. We would not be the team we are without him, but that doesn’t give him license to cross that line, and he knows that.”

Crew chief March Davis explained why Green was ejected after the game.

“His first technical was assessed when he directed profanity at his opponent,” he told a pool reporter. “He was assessed his first technical foul for verbally taunting an opponent. He then proceeded to direct screaming profanity at a game official and received his [second] technical foul and was ejected, as per rule.”

Warriors forward Eric Paschall said that Green addressed the team in the locker room after the game and took the blame for the loss.

“He said it was his fault,” Paschall said. “And he took ownership as he always does as a leader…S—t happens in the NBA. We’re just going to learn from it and try to come back, try to win the next one.”

Kerr may have been frustrated with Green, but he was also frustrated with the call — mainly because he tried to do the same thing on the jump ball prior when Brad Wanamaker and LaMelo Ball got tied up. Kerr believed Wanamaker actually had possession and the officials failed to award the Warriors their timeout.

“So, given that the exact same thing happened back to back, only we actually had possession of the ball when I tried to call timeout,” he said. “And then watching the replay after the game, it’s a loose ball, the ball’s actually bouncing on the floor, Draymond dives after it; in my estimation, it should be another jump ball.”

Davis explained that Ball tied up Wanamaker before Kerr called a timeout and the replays confirmed that judgment.

As for Green, Kerr said he will have to communicate with him and the team.

“Draymond can’t do that,” he said. “He knows that. He made a terrible mistake getting T’d up and giving them a chance to shoot two free throws and time the game…As his coach, it’s my job to communicate with him and with the team. That’s what we’ve done, and that’s what we’ll continue to do.”

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