Draymond drops PatBev podcast with no mention of Jordan Poole


The show must go on, I guess?

Draymond Green didn’t exactly read the room Friday morning, as he dropped his latest episode of “The Draymond Green Show” as the sports world replayed his punch on Jordan Poole millions of times via social media. Green’s latest episode featured a 50-minute conversation with new Lakers guard Patrick Beverley, but didn’t even mention his incident with Poole.

The episode came 48 hours after the punch, about 36 hours after the news got out. A few hours earlier, TMZ published a video of his vicious jab to Poole’s face. It painted Draymond as the clear instigator, as he walked about 20 feet over to JP and made contact before Poole shoved him away and Dray dropped the quick haymaker.

Green had all day Thursday to record some sort of explanation, however brief. Instead, he wanted to promote his content and his conversation with a player on the Lakers, where some memesters are already making photoshops of him in the purple and gold alongside LeBron.

As a content creator, I get it to some degree. You record a good pod and you have to share it before it gets stale. But maybe just let this one slide? Or at least acknowledge the Poole situation in some form?

It makes Green seem unaware and insensitive to the full gravity of the situation he has caused. Green apologized to his teammates Thursday and, in his mind, that’s probably what matters. But the lack of public accountability, now that we’ve seen the full video of the punch, seems a bit off.

”The New Media” gotta get that money, though, right?

I understand that Green probably just records the podcast and his production team does the rest from there, but you’d have to think he OK’d the publishing of the PatBev episode, despite the current climate.

Draymond is the captain of The New Media and he’s in an interesting spot, as he is a central character in the very sport he covers. There is no separation between the subject and the commentator, but as a production decision, the optics aren’t great. As a business decision, too. No one wants to hear about PatBev, we wanna hear about your punch.

For all we know, Draymond has a special pod dropping later or will address reporters at the team facility Saturday, but we’ll have to wait to get his thoughts on the whole situation. When you have this platform like Draymond, it’s not a good look to hide from the things you don’t want to talk about.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Gary A. Vasquez/USA TODAY Sports