Draymond Green clowns Kevin Durant for ashy ankles


Draymond Green promised he wouldn’t hold back on his new podcast. Kevin Durant knows he’s not lying.

KD caught some flack on social media Monday when up-close photos surfaced of his ankle, which featured some unflattering dry skin. After being dragged on Twitter for his ashy ankles, Durant responded by tweeting, “I’m bouta pull my “y’all broke” card in a second. F--k y’all.”

Well, Green got a hold of the photo and had to share his no-holds-barred take on the situation, while promoting his new “The Draymond Green Show” podcast Tuesday via The Volume.

Green said he recently got a text from Miami Heat star Bam Adebayo with the photo, who also clowned Durant for his dry skin.

“I said, ‘What the f--k’ and I clicked on the link that Bam sent me,” Green said. “That wasn’t even ash. That was f--king scales. It looked like you could go skin him like an alligator and take it to the store and sell it. That’s how bad it was.”

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