Draymond Green picks Steph Curry over Magic Johnson as greatest point guard


As different as Draymond Green and Steph Curry are – their loyalty to one another has been limitless since they teamed up on the Warriors in 2012.

During a recent interview with ESPN NBA reporter Ohm Youngmisuk, Draymond was put in a tough spot, as he was asked about the greatest all-time point guard debate between Steph and Magic Johnson.

Earlier this offseason, Steph said he was the best point guard of all-time when pressed by Gilbert Arenas' podcast “Gil’s Arena.” Draymond agrees, picking Curry over Magic, who is a fellow alumni of Michigan State’s hallowed basketball program.

“What Steph Curry has done to the game of basketball -– which I think is an even bigger compliment than what you’ve done for the game — what he’s done to the game of basketball? Pfft … how could he not be?,” Green said.

“You have to explain that to Magic,” Youngmisuk said with a laugh.

“As tough as it is, because that’s my Spartan dawg, it’s a very easy one for me,” Green said. “I gotta roll with the dawg I rolled in with – that’s Steph Curry.”

When Steph broke into the league as a rookie in 2009, NBA teams were averaging about 18.1 3-point attempts per game. After Curry’s otherworldly shooting helped the Warriors establish a dynasty over the past decade, NBA teams averaged 34.2 3-point attempts per game last season.

That’s what you call changing the game.

As dominant and game-changing as Magic Johnson was, he was more of a one-off unicorn. Basketball had never seen a 6-foot-9 point guard move and pass like him. Magic has more championships, All-Star Games and assists under his belt, but Draymond is looking at the holistic nature of the argument and there’s no doubting that Curry fundamentally changed how NBA players and kids alike play the game.

It’s also probably easier to go into the locker room on a daily basis after picking Curry than it would be to run into Magic at an alumni function, but Draymond picked a side. No surprise that Steph got Draymond’s support once again.

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