Draymond Green rips reporter for suggesting Celtics get edge from his podcast


Draymond Green has become a self-proclaimed member of "The New Media” since joining TNT as the America’s first major sport player-broadcaster and launching a podcast, “The Draymond Green Show,” earlier this season.

After he played poorly in front of a foul-mouthed Boston crowd in a 116-100 Game 3 loss in the NBA Finals Wednesday night, a reporter asked Draymond if he thought his podcast was giving the Celtics too much tactical insight. After each of the first two games of the season, Green posted a podcast sharing his real-time reflections on the series.

Dubs get drubbed in Game 3 at The Garden

Draymond seemed taken aback by the question and even stopped a later answer in his press conference to rebuff the original reporter. Here’s video of the exchange followed by the transcript:

REPORTER 1: I'm not saying it's why you struggled tonight by any means, but I've found listening to your Podcast recaps the last couple games pretty interesting. Are you conscious at all of what you're saying about the X's and O's of the game plans, the adjustments, could be making their way back to Boston staffers and influencing their decision-making at all?

DRAYMOND: No. I don't say much different on the podcast than I say to you right here, so nah. What's the X's and O's that I said on the podcast?

REPORTER 1: Only real thing I noticed that stood out, you talked about how to cover (Derrick) White, (Marcus) Smart and (Al) Horford differently between Games 1 and 2.

DRAYMOND: Oh, yeah, that's just contesting shots. If that's X's and O's, you're reaching for something. It's all good, though, keep going. [Laughing]. Reaching heavy.

The only thing, you find that they are taking X's and O's away from your podcast? Well, the only thing you said is White, Smart and Horford. Hmm.

REPORTER 1: I'm not trying to --

DRAYMOND: You went for it. Appreciate the podcast promo you just gave me, though. The Draymond Green Show. Next time just mention it that way.

REPORTER 1: You got it.

DRAYMOND: All right. Bet.

REPORTER 2. What most disappointed you about the way you guys played tonight, and yourself?

DRAYMOND:  I was soft. That's what was most disappointing to me, for us….

Monte, how much X's and O's you get from the podcast? Clearly this guy … I dunno, man. Maybe that's the IQ level over this way, shoot. Respect.

OK. So, that’s a hard no from Draymond.

If you listened to the episode, he noted how the Horford/White/Smart trio went 15-for-23 and cast doubt on their ability to replicate that success again, but didn’t offer much technical analysis.

Green takes a lot of pride in the media side of his career, though, and his competitive fire doesn’t cease. He’s often criticizing people for “not knowing basketball” and it appears he was unimpressed Wednesday night. Draymond might have gone overboard against his colleague in a uber-public setting like that, but the topic of changing sports and social media dynamics has been brought up at his press conferences lately. He’s not one to hold his tongue, especially not after a loss in the Finals when the wound is still fresh.

FS1’s Nick Wright weighed in on the situation with a burn for Draymond, as expected.

Draymond’s podcast has been a hot topic on Warriors Twitter since its debut in November. Whenever he drops an episode, Dubs fans and media members alike are quick to share the juiciest snippets, especially since he keeps releasing episodes during the NBA Finals.

During Wednesday night’s game, a Klay Thompson parody/fan account on Twitter (@iKlayThompson) created this spot-on meme.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr was also asked if he thought Draymond’s podcast was tipping off the Celtics.

“I don't listen to the podcast,” Kerr said with a quick laugh. "I don't know what he's said on there. It doesn't -- it doesn't bother me. It's 2022. It's a different world. Players are a part of the media now and it's been established. It is what it is.”

Draymond’s back-and-forth might become a big story in the sports media world when everyone wakes up Thursday, but don’t expect it to shake any walls within the Warriors organization. Green should have his next episode before the Celtics host Golden State on Friday night.

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