Warriors search for answers on offense following third straight loss


The Warriors were left searching for answers following back-to-back- home defeats to the Cavaliers and Timberwolves over the weekend at Chase Center dropping Golden State's record to 6-5 after a 6-2 start. What's the concern level for getting things turned around?

“I’m actually not overly concerned to be honest with you," Steve Kerr told reporters after Sunday's game. "I think the season is filled with ups and downs and we’re in a little bit of a spell right now but it's not like we were the world's greatest team when we were 6-2, and we’re not the world's worst team losing the last three. It’s just–it's part of the season. I think we just played back-to-back two great defensive teams that throttled us and I think we need to figure out some things offensively and I’m confident that we will.”

Secondary scoring being Stephen Curry has been the biggest issue for the Warriors even in the games they have won. Curry scored 38 on Sunday night and is averaging 30.7 for the season but the Warriors have only had one player in one game score 20 or more points in any game, and that player was Dario Saric against the Thunder on November 3. Curry was asked if he thinks defenses are more focused on him with the lack of help in other places.

“I mean there’s always been an approach of guarding us. For years like you know where the attention’s going to be, you just try to blitz me in a pick-and-roll, or stay body-tight on Klay (Thompson), when he doesn't have it, coming off of pin-downs, or whatever the case is. So we have to make adjustments, we can't just keep doing the same thing and expecting different results. But it’s not panic or anything it’s just a matter of getting a little smarter and a little bit more organized on how we’re creating good shots, and trusting that we have the ability to do that with our rotations and the combinations that we put out there. It does feel like everything’s kind of tough to come by in terms of creating good looks but that’s not something that we feel like is unfixable.”

Draymond Green put the onus on himself and Chris Paul to keep the offense flowing as the primary playmakers beyond Curry, "We’re not doing a great job of getting organized. I go to do a better job there of making sure we’re getting into some things. Chris (Paul) got to do a better job, I think we both need to do a better job of getting us into things.' Green added, "When Steph’s (Curry) got it going he’s got it going, he's just moving and going. It’s on us to realize that and learn how to also use him when he’s got it going to get other guys looks as well. I think that fell on me and Chris and we’ll be better with it.”

Fans are calling for more youthful energy to be infused into the Warriors rotation. Trayce Jackson-Davis played limited minutes the last three games despite going up against teams with size and Brandin Podziemski hit a pair of three's and scored eight points in the final minute after Kerr had pulled the regulars. Kerr said he'd love to get the young guys more time but explained why it's tough with a pretty much set 10-man rotation already.

The Warriors will look to snap their three game losing streak in a rematch against the Timberwolves on Tuesday night.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Kelley L Cox - USA Today Images