'I guess you can't joke anymore' — Bazemore goes back and forth with Beal


Golden State Warriors veteran Kent Bazemore had a two-part quote about teammate Stephen Curry. The first part was completely harmless and was something that pretty much everyone can agree with: Curry's 49-point performance in 29 minutes was "unreal." No one is going to dispute that.

The second part, however, raised some eyebrows. More specifically, it raised the eyebrows of a certain Washington Wizards star who was almost definitely referenced, albeit without direct mention.

That quote evidently didn't sit well with scoring runner-up Bradley Beal, who recorded his second 50-point game of the season on Saturday but was forced to miss the final minutes of regulation and all of overtime with a hamstring strain and ankle injury. No matter how lightheartedly you may have referenced another player's health issues, and regardless of if you kept his name anonymous or only used him as an example to showcase your teammate's dominance, it tends to be a touchy subject. Naturally, that was the case in this incident, and Beal reacted in a big way on social media.

Spoiler alert: Beal chose the latter. Here's the string of tweets that he sent out on Monday night while Bazemore and the Warriors were in the middle of a matchup with the Jazz. I can't imagine what Bazemore's phone looked like once he got back to the locker room.

10:00 p.m.: @24Bazemore I don't do the subliminal's !!!!!!
10:33 p.m.: @24Bazemore you don't know me or sh-- about me bruh!!! You don't know why I go out there and play and it damn sure ain't for another man's approval!!! You a straight LAME!!! But it don't surprise me coming from you, thats what's yo type do!!
10:37 p.m.: @24Bazemore it's funny you say that because ya mans admittedly checked my numbers before the game, but IM CHASING!!! Shut yo ass up!
— 10:45 p.m.: (see below)
10:55 p.m.: I stay in my lane!! Focus on BRAD. Idc what another man doing in this league. I'm concerned about me and MY GUYS over here!! Keep that goofy sh-- over there @24Bazemore !!

Bazemore responded to all of the Twitter drama following his Monday night game, immediately smiling once he heard the question.

"I guess you can't joke anymore, but, man whatever," Bazemore said. "I don't know man, I feel like I'm a pretty light-hearted guy. I stay in my own lane, I don't say things to ruffle feathers. But hey man, if you want to know what my loyalty is, it's to SC30 (Steph Curry), so anybody out there chasing him, it's gonna be tough.

"But whatever. It kind of got out of hand. I didn't check my phone all day until after the game, so it's kind of blowing up. But I don't get involved in that crap, man. Just go home, love my wife, watch some 'Peaky Blinders' and go to bed. I got work to do tomorrow."

On whether or not he'd reach out to Beal to provide context and explain the quote, Bazemore said that he there isn't really anything that he needs to explain.

"I was laughing — [I] jokingly, halfheartedly said it," Bazemore said. "It's not like I said I hope he does it. He's already out. I don't wish anything bad on him, it's just a comment. It's the kind of world we're living in right now, a little bit sensitive... whatever man, roll with the punches, keep your head down, keep going.

"It'll pass and probably tomorrow, I'll wake up and everything will be the same. I ain't got time for all that Twitter trash."

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