Joe Lacob wants to squeeze another month out of Bob Myers


SAN FRANCISCO – A sense of finality enveloped the first 40 minutes of Tuesday’s press conference at Chase Center.

Bob Myers got teary-eyed as he explained why he was stepping down from the Warriors front office after an iconic 12-year run. He thanked everyone in his orbit and reflected on all the ups and downs that go with building a dynasty.

Then Joe Lacob got to the podium.

The Warriors owner is known for his non-stop motor and it was on display Tuesday, as he reminded everyone that Myers is still signed on to work for the next month.

“We are preparing for the draft, free agency, all those things,” Lacob said. “Bob -- I'm going to work him till every last day till June 30th to be involved here whether he knows it or not. So he'll be here for that.”

Lacob said it in a matter-of-fact tone. The hands-on owner wasn’t kidding.

“Yeah, that's fine, yeah, I guess that's the way it's going to be,” Myers said with a laugh.

While Myers said he wanted to have a drink with his wife on Tuesday, his work isn’t done yet. Even the official press release noted that Myers announced he “will step down from his role at the conclusion of his contract.”

Myers’ decision to step down was news for Lacob, too, who said he just learned about it on Tuesday morning like everyone else. It wasn't easy an easy decision for him to swallow, as he reportedly offered Myers a part ownership stake in the team.

“I have four kids,” Lacob said. “And I've said this before, I actually consider Bob my fifth. It's really hard to see your son, because that's what I kind of feel like this is, leave, and go off to do something else.”

The Warriors owner hoped Myers was just “joking” about walking away and had planned on the GM to captain the team’s draft on June 22.

When Myers and Lacob were asked who would lead the Warriors’ draft efforts, there was initially silence and shrugging from both of them on the podium.

“I don't think we've even gotten to that level of what's going to happen exactly in the next month,” Lacob said. “I guess he's in play theoretically until June 30th; so the Draft falls within there.”

“Support,” Myers hedged. “Support role.”

It’s long been assumed that Lacob was a demanding boss. We can see why.

Myers might be able to kick up his feet this summer after winning four rings in 11 years as GM, but Lacob wants to squeeze every last drop out of him. Who knows – we might even have one last press conference with Myers discussing the 2023 Warriors draft class, so stay tuned.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Alex Espinoza/95.7 The Game