Sonya Curry jumps to Damion Lee's defense after tangle with JaMychal Green


SAN FRANCISCO — Steph Curry gets tickets for home Warriors games on the corner of a family section near the tunnel. Often we see Steph stopping by the seats to say hi to his kids, or pick up his son Canon for a walk to the locker room.

On Monday night, the eve of Steph’s 35th birthday, his mom Sonya had the tickets and she was locked in until the final minute of the battle between her son and her son-in-law, Phoenix Suns guard Damion Lee. Like, really locked in.

With about 90 seconds to go, Lee and Warriors forward JaMychal Green started getting in each other’s faces as they walked down the floor toward Golden State’s bench. On the next possession, Green fouled Lee and sent him flying into Moses Moody. As Lee walked by Green, he gave him a shove on the shoulder and they had to be separated.

At the timeout, Sonya started to joke like she was going to run over to the Suns side of the arena to go protect Lee, who is married to her daughter, Sydel. She even stepped over the feet of some fans while joking with Draymond Green, who was beckoning her from the Warriors’ huddle, as they closed in on a 123-112 victory.

"That was like old-school AAU back in the day where parents get involved,” Steph said with a smile. “JaMychal and D-Lee had their moment. I gave her my tickets tonight so she had to be with the Warriors/ She was gonna switch sides to protect her son-in-law. That's what it was all about. Just some good, fun back-and-forth. Family over everything at times."

Sonya is a part of the Warriors family but she’s a Curry first. Green might be listed at 6-foot-9, 227 points but he was about to feel the wrath of those Momma Bear instincts. Afterwards, Draymond appeared to joke about it with his teammates, getting Steph and JaMychal to crack up about the whole situation.

This isn’t the first time Lee and Green got tangled up at Chase Center. Back in 2021, when Lee was still with Golden State and Green played with the Denver Nuggets, they got tangled up on a rebound and Green sent Lee to the floor with an aggressive shove.

So maybe this was brewing all night with their history. In the end, both players got technicals but the Dubs got the win.

Not to mention that Steph hit a step-back, no-look 3-pointer against Lee after shaking him at the top of the key in the first quarter.

The Currys had a lot to talk about at Steph’s birthday dinner after the game.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Leon Bennett/Getty Images