Study: Golden State Warriors most popular team in world


The Dallas Cowboys may be “America’s Team,” but who is the world’s team?

Well, according to one study, that would be the Golden State Warriors.

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Now Playing conducted a study that gathered monthly Google searches from 155 countries of the 10-most searched teams and then scored each team based on its ranking. (For example, if a team ranked first they received 10 points, second 9 points, etc.)

The Warriors came out on top of their study with a weighted score of 1,080, finishing ahead of the Miami Heat (704), Chicago Bulls (585) and Boston Celtics (554).

The Warriors were the most-searched team in 56 countries around the world.

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Their popularity is likely due to the franchise’s championship run — with 5 straight NBA Finals appearances and winning three titles in the last decade — and the star power of Stephen Curry (and Kevin Durant before he left to the Nets). The Warriors also happen to find themselves back as a juggernaut this year and recently welcomed the return of Klay Thompson.

The study also showed that basketball dominated searches across the globe, with the top 15 most-searched teams all coming from the NBA.

The Dallas Cowboys were the top non-NBA team in the study and were No. 1 in the US, holding onto their “America’s Team” moniker.