Zaza Pachulia: Documentary should be made on Klay Thompson's epic parade day


Klay Thompson emerged as the star of the show during Monday’s Warriors championship parade on Market Street. He lost his hat on his boat ride over, tackled an unsuspecting fan after losing his footing, lost his ring briefly in a gutter and took an epic selfie with Dub Nation atop his tour bus. He even made time to join 95.7 The Game's "Willard & Dibs" live broadcast.

Warriors basketball operations consultant Zaza Pachulia was in a good mood with 95.7 The Game’s “The Morning Roast” Tuesday while discussing the parade and how it felt to watch his friend Klay romp around San Francisco.

“I think we should have a documentary about him,” Pachulia told hosts Bonta Hill and Joe Shasky. “He falls and I thought he was playing football for a second, tackles that fan. That poor fan, hope shes OK. But that was hilarious. I would be disappointed if I didn’t see such a video of Klay for this parade. I would be very disappointed. Shoutout to Klay, he was being Klay, that was awesome.”

This parade must have been extra sweet for Thompson, who endured 31-month ACL and Achilles rehabs that culminated in his Klay Day return on January 9. Four months later, the Warriors completed another championship run. It seems like Klay celebrated non-stop from Thursday to Monday as he went on legendary championship bender.

Perhaps no moment was cooler than this epic selfie he took with Dub Nation at the end of the parade when everyone broke past the barriers and flooded Market Street.

At one point, he tried to exit his bus but got mobbed like the Beatles so he had to go back on.

As Draymond Green shared afterwards, Klay had to hit the hot tub after the parade to rest his weary bones. Much-deserved rest for Thompson, who savored the hell out of this title.