Audacy Sports Fantasy Football Show Week 12: Waiver adds, streamers and stealth starts


Jonathan Taylor didn’t just break the slate. He annihilated it. Not that anyone actually considered benching him against Buffalo (at this point, Taylor would be a comfortable start against the ’85 Bears), but Sunday’s rampage against arguably the sport’s top defense should serve as a valuable teaching point for fantasy owners, especially those prone to overthinking. DFS is a different animal, but in season-long leagues, we tend to spend an inordinate amount of time sweating bad matchups when alphas like Taylor—he of five touchdowns (four rushing, one receiving) and 204 yards from scrimmage in Week 11—make that conversation irrelevant.

When your touchdown equity and volume are as strong as Taylor’s, there’s no such thing as a bad matchup (I can just picture Taylor taunting his opponent, invoking Walter White’s famous monologue shouting, “I AM the bad matchup!”). Lord knows how many times I’ve galaxy-brained myself out of wins by making this mistake over the years, playing Russian Roulette with my lineup like Christopher Walken in The Deer Hunter. But the Taylors of the world—and let’s also give Austin Ekeler his due after pummeling the Steelers for four touchdowns on Sunday Night Football—make our lives easy, eliminating the agonizing start-and-sit conundrums that haunt us on a weekly basis.