Gabe Kapler poses very important question: If you have a beard, do you have a mustache?


Gabe Kapler and the San Francisco Giants are participating in something they call “Mustache May,” but it seems to have led to some debate within the Giants clubhouse.

Kapler, speaking with reporters prior to Wednesday’s game against the Colorado Rockies, posed a question to the media that seems to have caused a divide amongst some:

If somebody has a full beard, does he also have a mustache?

Kapler, who sports a full beard, took the side that a full beard does count toward having a mustache.

He received some pushback from the reporters in the dugout, but Kapler argued that if you go to the barber he’ll ask if he can ‘trim your beard but leave the mustache.’

It seems as if this could evolve into the next great (or not so great) internet debate.

What do you think? Does someone with a full beard have a mustache?