Garlic Fries & Baseball Guys: How J.D. Davis has improved this season


The Giants are facing the Minnesota Twins this week, which presents a chance for fans to play a little game of ‘What If,’ as in ‘What if Carlos Correa was a Giant and not a Twin?’ Just over five months have passed since the 13-year, $350 million deal the Giants signed with Correa fell apart, and with the two sides meeting on the field for the first time since then, there was a chance that whatever good vibes Giants fans have had as this team has won six of their last seven could have gone out the window.

Yet those good vibes are still present. Yes, the Giants winning their first contest against Correa certainly helps, but what is also helping is the fact that the Giants have gotten lots of plus production from the left side of the infield this year, and no longer need pine for the alternate universe where Correa’s ankle is not made of glass and paper mache and instead he and Brandon Crawford are manning the left side of the Giants infield.

Leading that charge is J.D. Davis, who has become a revelation for the Giants this season, hitting .287 to start the season and eight home runs, equalling his total with the Giants last year. What’s been most impressive with Davis has been his defense. The metrics will tell you that Davis is right up there with gold glovers Nolan Arenado, Matt Chapman and Manny Machado. The eye test will tell you that having Davis and Casey Schmitt manning the left side of the infield is by far a superior defensive set up than what could have been with Crawford and Correa had he signed with the Giants.

Davis joined me on The Garlic Fries and Baseball Guys podcast this past weekend and discussed at length his process for improving on both offense and defense, how the Giants have turned their season around so to speak in May, working with Schmitt and Crawford, as well as what keeps him happy and entertained when he is not on the field playing baseball.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images