LaMonte Wade Jr.'s double would have been HR in literally every other MLB stadium


If you've ever played "MLB The Show," you'll know that there's no more frustrating feeling than connecting on a perfect-perfect and watching the ball soar high and deep through the air... before setting in an outfielder's glove at the warning track. And for everyone above the age of 30 — give or take a few older gamers — there's probably no worse feeling than crushing a ball to the warning track and getting nothing out of it.

But what happened to LaMonte Wade Jr. on Wednesday night might have been even more frustrating for him, even if it didn't result in an out. That's because he absolutely sent a changeup from Brewers reliever Jake Cousins, flipping his bat as the crowd roarer and the announcers prepared their best home run call, only to find out that he didn't hit a home run (via MLB Film Room).

He hit that ball 402 feet, and it just so happens that it would have cleared the fence at 29 of the 30 MLB ballparks based on the direction at which the ball left the bat. But the lone exception was Oracle Park, which is what Wade and the Giants call home, and he was left with a double as a result.

As it turns out, the Brew Crew tacked on two more runs in the top of the ninth, so Wade's bases-empty double hypothetically wouldn't have done much in the long run, even if it was a solo jack. But, at the same time, you never know what that momentum might have been able to do, seeing as tying the game in the bottom of the eighth inning can certainly have an effect on both teams' morale. Then again, playing at the Brewers ballpark, where the double would have been a home run, also would have gifted Milwaukee with home-field advantage, and now I've gone way too far down the rabbit hole of "what if" and "what would have" and all that good stuff.

Most importantly, it's just a fun fact and bad little bit of luck for Wade, who accomplished the very rare 400-foot non-home run. But hey, at least he wasn't Nick Castellanos in 2017.

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