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During the 2021 I’m Listening broadcast, Audacy banded together with our hosts Carson Daly and Dr. Alfiee M. Breland-Noble, plus numerous artists and athletes, not only to empower listeners to share their own mental health stories, but to capture anecdotes, tools, and tips that further the idea that talk has the power to save lives.

Looking at how music intersects with mental health, guests such as Billie EilishLil Nas XLizzoDoja CatMachine Gun KellyDemi Lovato, NormaniCarly PearceShakiraJustin Bieber, Cleveland Cavaliers’ Kevin LoveDan Reynolds of Imagine DragonsNellyRage Against the Machine’s Tom MorelloDarius RuckerJack Antonoffand more spoke openly about their own journeys and demonstrated that prioritizing mental health is crucial to all.

In case you missed these conversations, check out our full podcast of the 2021 I’m Listening special above.

Noting how she uses her online platforms to be upfront about her body and her beliefs, Lizzo told a personal anecdote during the broadcast, saying, “I’m always vulnerable on my social media….fat didn’t bother me but there was some really harmful language being used to describe me, from people in my community and that is actually what triggered me and offended me.”

The "Rumors” artist continued, “I didn’t want to address it and I didn’t want to make that the headline.”

“But I want to let people know like even when you have dropped the number one song in the world and everything looks like it should be going great, you’re still allowed to have emotions and your emotions are valid.”

A continual proponent of mental health, Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds, utilizes any opportunity to discuss the importance of asking for mental health help, even when taking the stage. With that said, Reynolds believes that mental health is involved in all relationships. He shared, “I think part of being a friend is listening. First and foremost, just listening….I might not have the answers but I might say, ‘well why don’t you go see this therapist.’”

“Therapy is such a big part of my life, it’s no longer stigmatized to me,” points out Reynolds.

Lil Nas X has utilized his debut album to cover topics of loneliness and understanding his own sexual identity. Acknowledging that mental health ebbs and flows, the Montero rapper shared, “Down times come with life no matter where you are, no matter which place you get to, and it’s just a part of life. I try to make sure I keep that balance of giving myself time to be free…”

Looking to share tips about stress management, Doja Cat expanded on some of her own remedies. “My way of handling stress is honestly, making a little pillow space on the ground and gaming.”

“Also remembering that… I’m in the present and trying not to think too hard about the future, and trying not to dwell too hard on the past,” notes the Planet Her songstress.

Carly Pearce discussed how her own mental health trials and tribulations allowed her to realize that she can inspire fans to simply be okay within themselves.

“My duty is to just be a human being,” says the Country star. She added, “If that inspires somebody or makes somebody want to look at me as a role model, then that’s amazing, but at the end of the day I’m just like everybody else, I just have a microphone.”

Nelly, spoke candidly about reconciling his identity as a renowned rapper with having personal and honest conversations about mental health with his kids.

The artist explained, “Me and my kids, we’ve sat down with someone to talk. It wasn’t personal, more so family…I needed to be able to communicate better with them. It’s hard because I am ‘Nelly’ and it’s just the way that they will be perceived. I have to understand what it’s like to be a child of ‘Nelly.’” He adds, “it’s me trying to get them to understand this is not easy…and trying to change the generational sequence of our family.”

Finally, Billie Eilish concluded our 2021 broadcast, discussing the mental health meaning behind her sophomore album, Happier Than Ever. The artist told us, “I just felt like it encapsulated the last few years of my life really well in a way that I thought fans would understand.”

The “Your Power” songbird explained, “I feel that when I was coming up and getting bigger, I was actually very depressed and over time….my mental state just kind of like rose and got so much better.”

Eilish wraps up by pondering, “What is happy? I feel like I spent a lot of time thinking about happiness and the word 'happiness,' and how it fluctuates… Happier Than Ever doesn’t mean 'happier' than you’re ever going to be, it means 'happier' than you were before.”

To keep up with the artists that create music that feeds our minds and keeps the I’m Listening initiative powered, check out Audacy’s I’m Listening Mental Health Mix. With tracks from Billie Eilish to Carly Pearce to Pearl Jam, this Exclusive Station keeps your mood in mind. Listen now!

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This year, I’m Listening has partnered with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) to further support mental health initiatives and provide expert medical health access as we continue to navigate maintaining the intersection of mental and physical health in the age of COVID-19.

Audacy is committed to supporting the health and success of the communities that are the heart of its business. I’m Listening aims to encourage those who are dealing with mental health issues to understand they are not alone. If you or anyone you know is struggling with depression or anxiety, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or contact the Crisis Text Line by texting TALK to 741-741. You can also find more resources here.

For more mental health content, special edition artist interviews, resources, and more head to Imlistening.org. 365 days a year, I’m Listening is here to provide us all with moments of kindness, community, and support.

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