SZA explains 'SOS' channels her ‘wild and unf***ed with emotions’

‘I feel free and empowered’
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Just over one month since the release of her latest album, SOS, SZA is opening up about her natural desire to bare all emotionally, especially in her music.

LISTEN NOW: SZA joins Audacy’s Jayn for an emotionally-charged conversation surrounding her latest project, ‘SOS’

According to the 33-year-old, she’s been blessed with an adventurous spirit that not only pushes her to take on some of life’s biggest physical adventures, but also encourages her to dig deep and make herself emotionally uncomfortable.

“I don’t know why I have this weird obsession of stripping myself of my skin… it’s definitely an addiction,” she said of her creative process. SZA continued on to share it’s the raw and untouched emotions that inspire her the most, the ones that haven’t had time to be “smoothed out,” by life.

“Once you get older, life just kind of is a tumbler,” she expressed. “It smooths you out and makes all your edges hella round and soft and like, shaped into something that is cohesive and makes sense. I love the parts that are still wild and unf***ed with.”

“What is the thing that I’m hiding? What am I afraid of the most?,” she shared as some of the questions she asks herself to evoke with the “unfu**ed with” thoughts and feelings.

The answers to these questions, in addition to the processing of her untouched emotions can be found on SZA’s latest project, SOS, and according to her, displaying her deepest thoughts and feelings allows for a special kind of magic and connection in her music.

“Whether it’s rushing [through] water of white rapids… or writing a song that says something about me that’s like, ‘I think I want to cry right now…’ I feel free and empowered and curious about even what my next words are going to be,” she shared. “That aspect of me is something really interesting to explore.”

To hear more about SZA’s most recent album, the emotions that charged it and the artwork she chose for it, check out her interview with Audacy’s Jayn above.

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