Meet Duke, Bennett's PSPCA Pet of the Week

Meet Duke, Bennett's PSPCA Pet of the Week

Meet Duke, Bennett's PSPCA Pet of the Week!

Have you ever seen a better guy?

If you ask the people at our location the answer is no, Duke is the best. Like the best of the best if you ask the Volunteers and we certainly won't argue. At 90 pounds light, Duke might be a bit bigger than your average pup but you wouldn't know it as he is so light on his leash. A well-fit harness and a firm grip on that leash and you and him are ready for a walk. It might be a long walk as he likes to stop and say hi to everyone, and we mean everyone because he is such a happy guy.

Our boy is looking for a special one-on-one relationship with his owner so no other pets please. As you bond with Duke you'll find out he is a special guy that likes to keep his special things to himself so crate training will be first on your training list, and we certainly will help you set up a game plan for him. We promise as you work with him and get to know him he'll charm you with those puppy dog eyes. As he works his way into your heart we know a big baby like him will be the best and only Lil baby you could ever wish for in the home.

Swing down to the SPCA on Erie Ave to meet our gentle giant!

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