Ensure a good night’s sleep for you and your partner with this anti-snoring aid

Snore Circle
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Getting a good night's sleep is imperative to your overall health, from keeping your weight under control to ensuring you stay in a good mood. But if you have a partner that wakes you up every night with the not-so-gentle sounds of what can only be described as a human fog horn, you simply can't sit idly by.

Whether you sleep next to a snorer or are one yourself, putting a stop to it isn't as easy as rolling over onto one side. That's why this muscle stimulator by Snore Circle is changing the way people sleep, thanks to its high-precision sensor that stimulates the sensitive muscles under the chin that can cause those ungodly sounds. And since it's just a tiny piece that sticks right under your chin, it hardly interferes with your comfort, making it a great sleep aid to use nightly.

When a person snores, it's usually due to the soft tissue around the throat vibrating, which can happen when the tongue, jaw, and throat are relaxed, and the airway is narrowed. But when these vibrations are detected, the stimulator's highly advanced sensor is alerted and emits a small, painless electrical current to open the airway by stimulating surrounding nerves. The little gadget features 30 intensity levels, making it ideal for all different types of snorers.

With its accompanying Snore Circle app, you'll be able to see your sleeping activity, including how many times you snore, allowing you to accurately analyze the intensity of your situation. And since there are no annoying wires involved, wearing the device never interferes with your sleep. In addition, charging it is no big deal, as a simple 2-hour charge can power it up to last an entire night.

Another highly-rated gadget created by Snore Circle, this muscle stimulator can potentially change the way you (and whoever snoozes next to you) sleep.

Get the Snore Circle YA4200 Electronic Muscle Stimulator Plus at 15% off for just $99.99.

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