Suit Up ARMY: Join us for an Audacy Check In with BTS

BTS is back with "Butter"

BTS is back again with their brand new single “Butter” that will melt the hearts of fans worldwide.

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Audacy’s Julia caught up with BTS on “Butter” release day as they gave us a look inside their new hit single.

“It’s really simple,” RM said. “It’s just ‘Butter’ for summer. We wanted to have a fun, cool song that everyone could enjoy this summer. The song really shows our energy and powerful performance. When you hear it, you can feel the summer.”

We can get on board with that. You can’t help but bop your head and start dancing when you hear “Butter,” which was one of the goals BTS had when making the song. Additionally, there was another objective at hand.

“We wanted to bring people from all over the world together,” RM added. “Maybe dance in their rooms or houses. Let’s bring them together to dance together.”

The upbeat feel-good anthem continues BTS’ mission of bringing people together through their music. Their songs can serve as an escape, but it also brings together people from different backgrounds. “People have different perspectives and people live in different environments,” Jungkook told Julia.

“But, I think what really resonates with most people and what people can empathize with is very similar. I think that's why, because we share all these in common, our stories and messages can resonate with a lot of people, and it appeals to a lot of people.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it even more essential to take care of your mental health. BTS recognizes this and shares what they’re doing to support their mental health during these times.

“The good takeaway for us was even in the face of crisis, if you try new things and really challenge yourself, you will experience a result that surprises you,” Jin said.

Of course, we couldn’t let them go without finding out about their favorite food with butter. “People should know about butter over rice with soy sauce!” RM said. “Everyone should know,” V added.

Watch our full interview with BTS above.

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