Join us for an Audacy Check In with Laura Marano

The 'Honest With You' singer has extended her 'You' era because there are always 'two sides to every story'
By , Audacy

Laura Marano’s EP You was something we immediately fell in love with when she released it back in October 2020. Today, she has released the deluxe edition of the EP and chatting with Audacy’s Bru to share all the details behind her record.

Marano tells us that You’s deluxe edition has been years in the making, so to let it go into the world now is “bittersweet.” She is thrilled to share her project with her supporters but says she will miss the creative process that came with this chapter of her career.

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“I’m excitedly nervous to start writing again because I haven’t… been in the studio with other people and co-wrote in a while, so I’m actually really excited to restart a new chapter,” explains Laura.

Looking forward to delving into her writing process once again, the “Honest With You” singer tells us that she has a lot of ideas she is ruminating on and ready to reflect on through her lyrics.

Marano shares, “I definitely have a lot of feelings and thoughts that I’m currently processing, and writing is kind of one of the best ways, for me personally, to process and really figure out things that are going on in my brain and heart.”

For Laura, the You deluxe EP represents a new era for the singer. She says, “I’m definitely going through some changes personally, recently a relationship ended for me, so I definitely in the thick of that… I feel a lot of that chapter is going to be me processing that, but there are also a couple of songs that I’ve had for a little bit that I love so so so much.”

The initial You EP was a continuation of the Me EP and Lara explains that the deluxe version of You came about because “I had a bunch of songs that I felt like still connected with the stories I told on the Me EP. So, I really wanted to continue that story, and I kind of became fascinated with this idea that there’s two sides to every story.”

When Laura released the initial You record in October of 2020 she explains, “I wasn’t done with it yet,