Watch our Audacy Check In with Alessia Cara

The songstress fills us in on her brand new double release and the duality of her next project
By , Audacy

The summer of 2021 has been filled with new releases for Alessia Cara, and now, just after the arrival of her latest tracks, “Sweet Dream” and “Shapeshifter,” the singer sat down with Audacy’s Julia to speak about this new age of Alessia and what fans can expect upon the arrival of her next project.

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Cara’s single, “Sweet Dream,” focuses on her period of dealing with insomnia. She says that when she was going through it, oftentimes she felt like “the only person on this Earth that is awake like it feels like everyone else knows how to do life except for me.”

For Alessia, putting out the song “Sweet Dream” wasn’t meant to find a solution to her struggles, but rather a means to connect with other people out there who understand her.