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Pushing new limits and using his fans an inspiration, B.I's solo project, 'Waterfall' has arrived
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Now fully immersed in his own solo project, former iKon member turned Popstar, B.I, joined us for an Audacy Check In. The rapper filled us in on his debut solo project, Waterfall, and what it was like to push new limits as a rising artist.

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Starting his own label, 131LABEL, alongside industry professionals, B.I and his team have been working tirelessly to “globalize Korean music while keeping an authentic identity. B.I has always had a clear vision of the impact he wants to make with his music, which includes pushing the boundaries of Korean musicians from K-Pop to a more global mainstream spotlight.”

When producing his own solo album, the rapper said that the process was different than what he was used to with iKon. “I was able to express myself on a more personal level,” explains B.I.

“In order to fill out the whole album by myself, I had to try different things that I didn’t try before.”

During his conversation with Audacy’s Julia, the artist also discussed why he loves collaborating with other artists, having just released his single “Got It Like That” featuring Destiny Rogers and Tyla Yaweh. 

B.I shares, “attempting different types of music, different styles, with different artists is fun because I can try to push my boundaries as a musician, which help me grow as well.”

In a statement about his collaboration with Rogers and Yaweh, the artist added, “They were perfect collaborators because we all represent a new generation of music, we might be in different parts of the world and we all show it differently, but I feel we have similar spirits.”

Now that his debut album has arrived, B.I’s sites are set on continuing to make music and to perform live. All his “dreams” are centered around performance, creation, and communication with his fans for as long as he can.

B.I, who refers to his fans as “IDs” tells us he just wants to “give them back the love they show me.”

The IDs were B.I’s biggest inspiration behind making the album. He says that without them he couldn’t have written a single letter for words to his songs.

Check out B.I’s full interview above!

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