Monsta X on appreciating MONBEBE and why they're ‘One Of A Kind’

Check out what the group has to say about their new album during an Audacy Check In

Mega K-pop group, Monsta X, released their highly-anticipated mini album, One Of A Kind, earlier this week and fans could not be more excited.

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Joohoney, Minhyuk, Kihyun, I.M. and Hyungwon were eager to share details about the project with Audacy’s Julia, who also connected the group to their highly loyal fanbase, MONBEBE, by selecting fan-submitted questions for the group from Twitter.

One of the songs the group was most excited to share with fans was the lead track, “GAMBLER,” written in hopes to inspire listeners to take risks for the things they care about most.

The group remembers being on board with the song right away when it was presented to them by their very own, Joohoney, who wrote and arranged the song. The tune has already proven to be a fan favorite only a couple days after its release.

Creating additional excitement around, “GAMBLER,” was the release of its music video. The video premiered the same day as the mini album and features their top-notch dancing among a thick plot that creates suspense and has fans searching for hidden messages and meaning.

While the group expressed nothing but excitement surrounding “GAMBLER,” when asked what song they connect with the most right now, the unanimous answer was, “BEBE,” a song written in appreciation of their dedicated fans.

We can only imagine how excited those fans are to have a song all their own they can sing back to the guys when they’re finally able to tour, which leads us to the next question — when will that be? Tough to say with the restrictions caused by a global pandemic.

“My heart say[s], you can do it [tour] 100%,” said Minhyuk when asked how hopeful he is that a tour will happen. “But my head [says] maybe 30%. They fight [each other],” he said laughing.