Badass Woman of the Week: Prudence Doty of Vernon

Pru saves dog, dog — quite literally — saves Pru
Prudence Doty
Prudence Doty of Vernon and her life-saving Dachshund, Belle Photo credit Prudence Doty

Trigger Warning: The following article contains conversations about self harm that some people may find triggering and/or disturbing. If you are feeling hopeless and in crisis, you can call 988 any time, day or night for immediate help.

Each week Christine and Salt interview the Badass Woman of the Week, a feature that aims to reward women who have overcome a challenge and emerged stronger as a result. Each Badass Woman wins an empowering B Badass bracelet from The Power to B and is featured on-air Fridays at 7:15 A.M. with Christine and Salt in the morning.

This week's honoree is Prudence Doty of Vernon (proudly, formerly of Southington). Pru tells Christine and Salt, "After 51 years of doing for everyone else, culminating with a devastating series of circumstances that have recently left me questioning my own sanity and value to this world, I have decided that I am going to *finally* start putting me first and grab a long hidden dream off the top shelf. I am pursuing my passion and while it’s just baby steps at the moment, I am building my confidence that I will be able to not only survive and thrive, but be able to help others along the way!"

Here's the Kleenex part of the story — yes, get your tissue ready. Pru revealed that the devastating series of events included losing both her dad and her beloved grandma who raised her within the span of a few months AND losing another relationship that — when all these losses added up — left her feeling gutted, raw and quite frankly, hopeless. Pru says, "I was standing on the edge of the cliff and I was like do I just jump down and end it all or do I walk away?" Yes, she was in need of a miracle, help, grace. So what pulled her back from the edge? Her sweet little Dachshund, Belle. "It literally was my dog, cuz I was like if I go through with this nobody is gonna find me for a while and who is gonna take care of my dog?" Pru said all this with a smile in her voice but she was clear that it's no laughing matter, adding "I still struggle every day, but I'm learning to embrace my inner light again and I'm learning [through therapy] to understand how to work through those feelings."

Prudence — with the unconditional love of Belle — turned her life around and started podcasting. Here's the super sweet part (grab that tissue again) — Pru saved Belle from a puppy mill years ago and now, Belle has saved Pru. A true love story of who rescued who. She is keeping the positive vibes going by hosting a show that gets real called Not So Quiet Conversations which is part of her New Year's resolution to help others while helping herself.

Congratulations Pru on making mental health your top priority — you are a true Badass Woman and we are so glad you're still here ❤️ Take a listen to Pru's interview with Christine and Salt below and don't forget to check out her podcast as well.

Click image to check out Pru's Not So Quiet Conversations podcast Photo credit Pru Doty
Featured Image Photo Credit: Prudence Doty