Badass Women of the Week: Celebrating one year of inspiration and strength

Celebrate with Christine, Salt, and The Power to B sisters — Chrissy and Raeann — as they honor ALL badass women who turn challenges into victories!
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Sisters Christina Baribault Ortiz (right) and Raeann Baribault Schwartz (left) of Baribault Jewelers in Glastonbury. The dynamic duo started The Power to B line which Christine and Salt use to celebrate the Badass Woman of the Week on 96.5 TIC. Photo credit Instagram @thepowertob

It's been a year since Christine, Salt, and sisters Chrissy and Raeann from The Power to B kicked off the empowering Badass Woman of the Week feature! This collaboration was born out of a shared desire to celebrate women who face challenges head-on and achieve remarkable goals.

Every week, a new badass woman is selected and celebrated. She receives a call from Christine & Salt, her story is featured on the radio, and she's awarded a unique 'bBadass' bracelet, symbolizing her dedication and hard work.

This week's Badass Woman of the Week — in honor of the one year anniversary — is actually two women, Chrissy Baribault Ortiz and Raeann Baribault Schwartz of Glastonbury! For Chrissy and Raeann, The Power to B line at Baribault Jewelers is a journey of overcoming six years of fertility struggles, finding strength in positive affirmations, and creating constant reminders of resilience through their Power Word Bracelets. Women across various challenges have found strength in wearing their Power Word.

In facing great challenges, Chrissy and Raeann believe in the emergence of great strength. Their message to all is reassuring – WE GOT YOU! Check out the sisters interview with Christine and Salt below where they reflect on how the year of Badass Women has inspired them as much as Chrissy and Rae have inspired us all!

Featured Image Photo Credit: Instagram @thepowertob