Don't dye your hair blonde for summer like Kim K, buy fab faux hair instead!

Nichole Knight, owner of, makes it easy, fun and affordable to go blonde TEMPORARILY
Kim Kardashian showing off her newly double-processed platinum blonde locks Photo credit Getty

Have you seen the wave of blonde celebs lately? Kim K dyed her famously dark, silky locks a shade of double-processed platinum. Singer Lorde went with a canary yellow blonde and Meghan Fox debuted a blonde-to-pink ombre look. Well, Connecticut small business owner and all around fabulous human, Nichole Knight of says SAVE YOUR NATURAL HAIR and go faux for the summer!

Christine Lee chatted with Nichole about all things wigs, as Christine has been wearing faux hair for years after battling both lupus and lymphoma. Check out the fun interview below and get your faux hair on for fabulous prices at!