Grinch tries to ruin Christmas, TIC listeners save it

A woman called in to Christine and Salt complaining about them constantly asking for donations. What happened next was nothing short of a miracle.
5K Toys

Twas the week of Christmas when all through the land, one person was angry at the giving 'scam'. Her name was Val and she called the show in a huff to tell Christine and Salt they can Shut the F*** Up.

Yes, we rhyme and we kid but this was no joke. Val was seriously annoyed at all the requests to give this time of year. Take a listen to the Grinchy call below.

What Val may not have anticipated was the effect she would have on our TIC listeners. We started the morning with 4000 toys on our way to 5000. We ended the morning at 4760. Miracle indeed. Maybe we should thank Val? Or maybe, just maybe that was her plan all along? We will never know, but one thing we DO know...TIC listeners are the absolute BEST, as proven in the phone calls below.