Newtown HS teacher, Wendy LaBarge, on why she donates to 5000 Toys for Girls and Boys

'When kids are happy, we all get to be happy'

Newtown High School English teacher and longtime 96.5TIC morning show listener, Wendy LaBarge, has a special place in Christine & Salt's hearts — she was the very first donor to 5000 Toys for Girls and Boys this year. And oh what a donation, she gave $500!

Wendy — who is not only a teacher but also a wife and mom to two young children — says she always wanted to donate to the Christmas toy collection in years past, but because of her location in Connecticut it really wasn't possible to drive up to the previous years toy drop off locations. However, due to the pandemic, the entire event went online last year and she was thrilled to be able to help, "I was so excited to be able to donate in a meaningful way and so I bought a bunch of toys last year and when you guys made it cash [online] this year...I heard you guys say we need our first donation and I was like, 'I'm gonna make their day right now'"

Check out the full interview below, and if you'd like to donate to 5000 Toys, you can do that by clicking here.