DRS Commissioner: tax filing deadline April 18th

Amnesty program deadline is January 31st
Reminds state residents state tax filing deadline is April 18th
DRS Commissioner Mark Boughton Photo credit WTIC Radio

Hartford, Conn. (WTIC Radio)-The state tax filing deadline is Monday April 18th, mirroring the federal deadline, said Department of Revenue Services Commissioner Mark Boughton.

The DRS encourages electronic filing.

"We're getting away from paper and are no longer mailing paper forms. If you need paper forms dial (800-382-9463) and we'll mail it to you. But we're trying to discourage that. And if you're a paid preparer, doing it for a living, you have to file on-line. We will not accept any paper filings from a paid preparer," Boughton said.

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He added you can always file an extension. "You need to communicate that with us, so we know what's happening. The rule of thumb is getting a hold of someone so we can resolve that with you."

The state tax amnesty deadline is January 31st.

"We have saved some millions of dollars going back to 2010. So, the opportunity is there. If that's been hanging over your head, maybe there's a lien on your house or your business and you just want to get rid of it, please call us. In some cases, we can save you hundreds if not millions of dollars."