CT colleges, businesses enter initiative

Colleges and hi-tech enter into initiative
New initiative between colleges and business world Photo credit Getty Images

Connecticut has a tech gap, with not enough people trained for some of the specialized jobs out there.
There is a new initiative to address this.
It’s called the Tech Talent Accelerator. A new grant initiative that seven Connecticut schools have joined - one that attempts to makes sure that they stay at speed with the real hi-tech world that many of their students will enter. The schools join forces in the program with the business world.
One of them -- West Hartford's University of Saint Joseph -- is using a 30-thousand dollar grant to launch a degree program in data analytics. That will be designed to meet the needs of employers around Connecticut's capital. Some of the grant money comes from the Business Higher Education Forum which predicts good things from the program for schools, employers and students.
Along with Saint Joseph, the other schools in the Tech Talent Accelerator are Quinnipiac University, the University of Bridgeport, Mitchell College, the University of Hartford, the University of New Haven and the state colleges and universities system.