We Can Survive 2021: The 'incredible' feeling of live shows keeps The Kid LAROI going

'Performing live is probably one of my favorite parts about the job'
By , Audacy

With massive hits under his belt and a world tour kicking off in 2022, Aussie-born rapper and songwriter The Kid LAROI has a lot to be thankful for.

"It feels incredible, obviously," LAROI tells Audacy's Bru and Julia backstage at our 2021 We Can Survive concert at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles on October 23 before taking the stage. "Performing live is probably one of my favorite parts about the job," he adds.

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The night's venue holds a special place for LAROI. "Hollywood Bowl is sick... I watched when Kanye did his 808s concert here, I think in 2014/2015, and I remember watching that online thinking that was f***ing insane. So, I'm excited!"

LAROI has take notes from some of his biggest influences and applied them to his own high energy performances. "Kanye [West], Nirvana and Kurt Cobain specifically," both came to his mind. There are "lots of different people that I take different things from," he admits. "I mean, Justin [Bieber]'s an incredible live performer; I always thought he was one of the best. Michael Jackson definitely. I watched a lot of him growing up."

Although, it's not just what's happening on stage that keeps LAROI's interest. Plenty of wild things go down among his audiences that has him doing double-takes. "I've seen someone, like, jump off someone's shoulders when they were moshing and there were kids crowd surfing. A girl had a sign that said 'sign my t**s,' and she had a texter [marker] ready in the front row... that was pretty cool. All different type of s***, dude. The mosh pits are always insane." Watch the full interview with The Kid LAROI above.

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