Heritage legal scholar: 'There's lots of evidence (Trump) had, lots of other reasons, perfectly legitimate reasons to ask Ukrainians for assistance.'

(KFTK) -John Malcolm from Heritage's Meese Center for Legal and Judicial says the actions that warrent impeachment, should be on the same level as bribery and treason.

"It has to be something very, very serious," says Malcolm. 

The action doesn't have to necessarily be a "crime" says Malcolm, "a gross abuse of power could do it. But it has to be such a gross abuse of power that you're going, 'the safety of  the nation, the well-being of the  nation is so imperiled by this guy, that he has to be removed immediately."

Malcolm also weighs-in on the cases made by the House managers plus the actual release of the long-delayed aid to Ukraine after the delay came to light.


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