Dunkin' customer thinks 50 donuts is a dozen

The customer angrily demand more donuts as she revealed she has no idea what a dozen is

A woman was caught on video berating a Dunkin' Donuts worker for not giving her enough donuts. The trouble is, she seems to have no idea what a "dozen" means... because she thought she would be getting FIFTY donuts. She kept arguing with the staff and even spelled it out as "5-0."

A quick google search reveals that a dozen "munchkins" (the Dunkin' version of a donut hole) goes for about $3. This lady must have thought she was supposed to get the deal of the century! No wonder she was upset.

Dunkin' DOES offer 50 munchkins for $9.99, and that's probably what she meant. But it's no wonder the cashier was confused because... most adults know roughly what a "dozen" means.

The employee was cool and continued to help the rude customer, even after Ms. 50 Dozen accused the employee of "not understanding English." If you're going to be nasty, at least know basic math!


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Anyway, who else is craving a donut right about now?