Immigration expert: US border 'in many ways, is wide-open'

Center for Immigration Studies Director of Research Dr Steven Camarota says, illegal immigrants will get an 'enormous giveaway' from Biden reconciliation bill

"There are things that are outside the administration's control, but [its] clear both the administration's policies and public pronouncements have greatly contributed to the crisis at the border," says Dr Steven Camarota from the Center for Immigration Studies on the Marc Cox Morning Show. "If you just sort of graph it and look at the number of family-units, and unaccompanied-minors, it exploded the moment Biden wins."

Camarota also commented on the Biden reconciliation bill which would change some requirements for social assistance.

"Let me summarize (again), they dropped the work requirement, and illegal immigrants are going to get 10 to 11 billion from the cash payments, even if they don't work, even if they don't have US-born children, " says Camarota. "So its an enormous giveaway."

"Let's be clear, most illegal immigrants come to work, and they do work," says Camarota.

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