Washington U student catches fellow-student removing American Flags from 9-11 display

Nathaniel Hope: 'I just saw him removing the flags. I couldn't believe it.'
Student removes flags
Photo credit (Provided by Nathaniel Hope)

Washington University Student and College Republican club member Nathaniel Hope says he was out for an early morning walk, when he came across a student removing American Flags placed on the St Louis campus to honor victims of the 9-11 terrorist attacks.

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The flags are placed on Mudd Field on campus every year by the College Republicans in memory of the lives lost, "it's not even a partisan thing, it's something we do as Americans," says Hope.

"I just saw him removing the flags," Hope told Marc Cox. "I couldn't believe it."

Washington University officials have since condemned the action of the student who took the flags.

The student who took the flags, released a statement on Saturday night defending his actions, saying that he had planned on changing the display into a protest of Islamaphobic hate crimes since 9/11.