Illinois GOP candidates look to flip blue seats to red

In Illinois, the Republican party has been in the minority for quite some time. Even more recently they have been in the super minority. Three candidates are looking to change that. Erica Harris and Jennifer Korte are looking to flip two blue seats to red in the State Senate and State House Respectively. While Amy Elik is putting in the work to retain the seat she won in 2020. Their efforts could be the difference in changing the direction of Illinois politics.

"Every Republican seat we gain gets us better legislation, more balance, and an Illinois government that works for the taxpayer," said Elik.

These three women are not career politicians, rather, they are everyday people who did not like the direction their state was going and decided to do something about it.

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Harris has her eyes on Illinois' 56th senate district. She is a mom and a small business owner who is centering her campaign on common sense.

Amy Elik currently represents the 111th State House District and has been holding the line in Springfield.

Jen Korte is a stay-at-home mom who got tired of the government overreach and decided to challenge the incumbent for the 112th State Hous District.

The three candidates discussed the problems Illinois is facing, but they also offered solutions. You can hear those solutions in the audio above or on the podcast. Please consider downloading the Audacy App so you can listen to The Annie Frey Show wherever you are.

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