OPINION: Judicial Watch President: Mail-in balloting is, 'not an election, that's a poll or a survey'

"We've got to end mail-in balloting," says Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.
Mail-in Ballot
Mail-in ballot Photo credit Getty Images George Frey Stringer

Tom Fitton, President of Judical Watch, a conservative activist group, joined Randy to promote his new book, A Republic Under Assault.

The conversation quickly turned to the most recent election, and the President's challenges to the results.

"I'll tell you what, generally speaking," says Fitton, "we've got to end mail-in balloting. It's a menace to free-and fair elections."

Fitton agrees with Randy that many Americans are, "disengaged" from the political process and mail-in balloting allows them to easily drop the ballot in the mail.

"Mail-in balloting undermines, that's not an election," says Fitton. "That's a poll or a survey, and that's no way to run a country or select elected leaders, in my opinion."

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