Paul Schimpf: 'We need to make sure law enforcement is at the table'

A candidate running for governor of Illinois Paul Schimpf said he doesn't think the country is divided when it comes to law enforcement. He blames the media for perpetuating the idea that law enforcement is bad and focuses on the negative.
"I am somebody who has been a member of the law enforcement community and I understand how dangerous it is," he said. Schimpf is running against JB Pritzker for his governor seat. He said the difference between how he would run the state and how Pritzker is running the state is that Schimpf would uplift police officers.
One of the problems that we keep mentioning is the lack of people who want to be an officer anymore.
Schimpf said he would do whatever he could to make sure officers know that the state supports them and have conversations surrounding the funds going to training.
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