Danny Amendola Providing Immediate Spark For Kenny Golladay

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Photo credit © Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

In 10 seasons in the NFL, Danny Amendola has never had a year like the one Kenny Golladay had last year. But 10 seasons is its own kind of achievement, and there's a reason Amendola has lasted that long. 

Just two weeks into the Lions offseason workouts, Golladay is beginning to see why. 

"We're still figuring each other out, but I know one thing -- his work ethic is crazy. It's through the roof," Golladay said Tuesday. "He wants to push everyone. When you have a guy like that, a vet guy, a savvy vet, you just really want to follow up under him."

He added with a smile, "I'm not going to let him go out there and outrun me." 

The Lions signed the veteran Amendola to replace Golden Tate in the slot. They also brought him on board to serve as an example for the team's younger players, as someone who has thrived in the culture that Matt Patricia is trying to bring to Detroit. 

If Amendola's early impression on Golladay is any indication, the move is already paying off. 

"He's going to try to get the best out of everyone," said Golladay, "and especially I know he wants to get the best out of all the receivers. So I appreciate it."

A head-down, hard-worker himself, Golladay has a chance this season to establish himself as a No. 1 WR. He looked the part last season after the departure of Tate and the loss of Marvin Jones. He finished the year with 70 receptions for 1,063 yards and five touchdowns. 

The Lions are counting on him for more of the same as he enters his third season in the NFL. 

"Whenever my number’s called, I just want to make a play. If people look at me as a No. 1, we still got other guys on the team, but I'm cool with that," Golladay said. "I just go out there and try to make plays." 

Toward the end of last season, Golladay said he blew his personal goals out of the water. He said he would set them higher in 2019. He hinted at breaking some records

Now that 2019 has arrived, he's ready to take another step -- with Amendola setting the pace. 

"The challenge is just picking up where I left off," Golladay said. "Don’t become complacent. Just keeping my same focus, and that’s what I’m going to do."