The Lions Biggest 'SOL' Moments Of All Time

(97.1 The Ticket) If a time-out had been called and then no play had been run during the Lions game against the Cardinals this weekend, no one would be talking about it a week later.

But it's the Lions so that's not how it went down. The time out cascaded into a series of missteps and bad luck that made a game that should have ended in an easy win actually end in a nail-biting tie.

Same Old Lions, fans said, shaking their heads.

But what are the biggest SOL moments in Lions history? Jamie and Stoney on 97.1 The Ticket came up with a ranking.

"It has to be self-inflicted," Jamie Samuelsen said of the rules. And there was no shortage of options.  It seemed like they could have taken calls on the subject all day.

The SOL moments included:

  • When Calvin Johnson scored a touchdown that was taken away with 24 seconds left in a game where they were down 19-14. Fill-in QB Hill threw a pass, Calvin leapt over the defender and made an incredible catch. But wait — with under two minutes left on the clock, the play went under review by the officials. They ruled the touchdown wasn't a touchdown. 
  • Eddie Murray's 43-yard field-goal attempt, which was about three feet wide. For a moment, they thought they had erased the San Francisco 49ers' 24-23 lead with 5 seconds remaining in today's National Conference playoff game. Not so much. The miss enabled the 49ers to go on to the National Conference championship
  • End of the 2000 season when they had to beat the Bears, a 4-11 team at the time, to make it to the playoffs -- and they lost instead. Everyone was shocked, except Lions fans.
  •  Dan Orlovsky running out of the back of his end zone. "I've been watching the Lions since 1975 and I've never seen that," a caller said.
  • Some sent in their own submissions, through social media, including: Hiring Millen, extending Millen, not firing Millen until it was evident you were going to go 0-16...and doing it anyway.
  • "This is tough, but I go with the safety because of the way he kept running like nothing was wrong - true epitome of the lions org over the years, everyone else recognizes you screwed up, but you just keep trucking like it’s all good," one fan Tweeted.
  • "Pass interference flag picked up in playoff game vs DAL," another tweeted. "If you truely believe in SOL, you understand SOL is the total package of self induced, league induced, and ref induced witch craft. Special shout out to a current RB stealing a newly signed RBs luggage."
  • "Mitchell’s fumble on a QB keeper that was returned for a touchdown or kickoff on Thanksgiving in OT run back for a TD," a fan wrote on Twitter.
  • "Not really a moment, but tons of heartache. Brett Favre having a career record of 25-9 against the Lions," David Hoye wrote.