Mike Valenti: Sherman's Comments About The Lions Should Send A Chill Up The Spine


Richard Sherman was offered a lot of money by the Detroit Lions -- and he said "thanks, but no thanks."

Laughs ensued.

But not on The Valenti Show, where Mike Valenti found it to be no laughing matter. Sherman's commentary should send a chill up the spine of Lions fans.

“But that’s not the kind of football I want to play," Sherman said. "The way you run their scheme, your culture. You want to do it the Patriots’ way and that’s really not the way I do football.

“I have fun. I like music at practice. I like to hang out and be relaxed in meetings. I don’t like the stressful environment in football. (The Lions) condition every day after practice. My body isn’t built to run all day and night. I’ll be prepared, but I don’t have to be run into the ground.”

One important thing to consider, per Valenti: Why would the team offer $20 million -- upfront -- to someone who doesn't fit the scheme? How did he even have the opportunity to turn it down? 

The Lions have been able to sign solid players in free agency, but in the new way they're doing things "If you have any other options, it sounds like you're not coming ... And so I ask you again: How are we getting better?" Valenti said.

He added he's not a fan of Sherman or his act. But what he's saying about the teams calls any future success into serious question.

"I think what it's saying is you have backed yourself into a very dangerous and dark corner," Valenti said. "You have now added this third level of limiter where now guys straight up aren't going to put up with the program you're running."