Matt Prater Is Trying To Win Free Beer For The City Of Detroit


You might not be a fan of the Lions. Doesn't matter -- you're definitely a fan of free beer. (The No. 1 beer on the list of Best Beers, with due respects to Cold Beer, Shower Beer and Airport Beer.)

Which means you're now a fan of Lions kicker Matt Prater, who's trying to bring free beer to the city of Detroit. All he has to do is drill a longer field goal this season than Broncos kicker Brandon McManus. 

How'd this all come about?

Well, Bud Light originally offered to buy everyone a beer in the city of Denver if McManus breaks Prater's record for longest field goal in NFL history: 64 yards, at Mile High Stadium. To which Prater said, Hold up. What about me? What about Detroit? 

When I break my own record, what are we doing for the city of Detroit? @budlight

— Matt Prater (@MattPrater_5) July 19, 2020

To which Bud Light said, You're right. Game on. 

So it's Prater vs. McManus. Whoever kicks the longer field goal this season wins free Bud Light for his city. 

Screw the record. @thekidmcmanus vs. @MattPrater_5. Whoever kicks the longest field goal this season gets Bud Light for his city, on us.

— Bud Light (@budlight) July 23, 2020

The tale of the tape gives Prater the edge. His NFL record is seven yards better than McManus' personal record of 57 yards. He outkicked McManus last season, the season before that, and the season before that. In fact, Prater has had the longer leg each season of McManus' six-year career. 

And while McManus has the benefit of kicking at Mile High, Prater gets 11 games this season in domed stadiums. 

We like our odds. 

And before you hipsters complain that 'Bud Light isn't beer,' it's 4.2 percent and IT'S FREE. Which means it's $6 less than your fancy IPA.