Tua Tagovaiola Odds-On Favorite To Go Third Overall In Draft


With the third overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, the Detroit Lions select...

Or, the Miami Dolphins select...

Or, the Los Angeles Chargers select... 

Indeed, the No. 3 pick could very well change hands between now and draft night. It belongs to the Lions for now, but there's a good chance they'll trade down. Hence the favorite to be drafted third overall, per BetOnline.ag: Tua Tagovaiola, with 3/2 odds. 

If Tua does go third, it almost certainly won't be the Lions calling his name. There's reportedly 'no chance' they draft the Alabama quarterback, which jibes with their decision on Tuesday to sign veteran backup Chase Daniel to a three-year deal

Any feasible Tua-to-the-Lions scenario included the rookie spending his first season under Matthew Stafford's wing. Now that option is off the table. 

The next likeliest candidates to be picked third are Ohio State CB Jeffrey Okudah at 7/4 and Clemson LB Isaiah Simmons at 11/2. Both have been linked to the Lions, and Okudah would be a natural fit if Detroit follows through on trading Darius Slay. Of course, the Lions could likely trade down and draft Okudah all the same. 

Ohio State DE Chase Young, the likely No. 2 pick, has 7/1 odds to go third, the field has 8/1 odds, and Auburn DT Derrick Brown, another potential target for Detroit, has 9/1 odds. 

As for when Tua will most likely be selected, the favorite is the fifth pick, which belongs to Miami, at 6/5.