Three Trade-Back Scenarios For Lions With No. 3 Pick


If there's one consensus among Lions fans ahead of the draft, it seems to be this: Detroit should trade down at third overall. 

There are several quarterback-needy teams behind them, most of whom will have interest in the No. 3 pick to take Tua Tagovailoa. And the Lions, depending how far they move back, can still get the difference-maker on defense they need. 

The most obvious trade partner is the Dolphins at No. 5. Miami is said to be high on Tagovailoa, and it has two extra first-round picks at No. 18 and No. 26. But other teams have the resources to make a play, too, like the Raiders and Jaguars. 

Here are three trade-back scenarios for the Lions based on recent mock drafts/reports. 

Trade Partner: Dolphins

Lions get: 5th, 39th and 70th overall picks

At 5th overall: Lions draft Ohio State CB Jeffrey Okudah "This would be a no-brainer trade-back s