Jamo is all-in on this 'unhinged' McDonald's creation: "10 out of 10"


Jameson Williams caused quite the stir on social media this week for ... what he ate at McDonald's.

The Lions receiver posted a picture on Instagram of a combination he calls the "Oreo McFlurry Double." It's an Oreo McFlurry -- if you can find a McFlurry machine that actually works -- smeared between the buns of a McDouble. And Williams says it's a "10 out of 10."

Williams said he and one of his brothers heard about it recently and had to give it a try.

"And you know at McDonald's, the McFlurry machine isn't always working, though, so you gotta find one that's working. I went to McDonald's on Jefferson, it wasn't working the first two or three times, but the other day after practice, I just went over there and got it. It was cool, though, it was good. I think y'all should try it. It's called the Oreo McFlurry Double. 10 out of 10," he said.

The Lions will hope for a 10-out-of-10 performance from Jamo this weekend.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images