Why Troy Weaver won't have Pistons 'try to mimic Golden State'


Since Klay Thompson joined Steph Curry on the Warriors in 2011-12, Golden State has produced the most championships, the most wins and the most points in the NBA. They've also sunk the second most threes.

They just won their fourth title in the last eight years buoyed by an offense that took and made the third most threes per game in the regular season and the second most in the playoffs.

Naturally, other teams might try to follow the same path. Not Troy Weaver and the Pistons.

Asked about the Warriors' formula for success and whether the Pistons are equipped to thrive in a league that places so much value in the three, Weaver told 97.1 The Ticket last week, "Golden State’s an anomaly."

"We can’t put Golden State in the chase with everybody else," he said. "They drafted two of the best shooters to ever play the game, so the way they built their team is totally different than anybody else can. I think if you try to mimic Golden State you’re in trouble, because those guys are the elite of the elite.

"But three-point shooting is a big part of the game. You have to have it. We’re in the process of making sure we improve in that area. It’s a huge part of the way the game is played now, so we'll continue to make those adjustments."

To that end, the Pistons' GM said adding more three-point shooters "will be at the top of our list" of priorities in free agency. Detroit ranked in the middle of the pack last season in three-point attempts but second to last in three-point percentage.

Weaver also said the Pistons' top two draft picks, Jaden Ivey and Jalen Duren, should help the club create better three-point looks. That's half the battle.

"I think both picks do help our shooting in a different way," he said. "The speed that Ivey can bring to the floor will give us more easy opportunities from the three-point line and then the pressure that Jaren can put on the rim. You want to create easy shots, open three-point shooting. Definitely want to continue to add shooting to the group, but there’s different ways to get those percentages up."

And Weaver and the Pistons will do it their way, not the way of the Warriors.

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