Former Tiger Joel Zumaya 'disgusted' in club's demise: "They need to clean house"


Former Tigers reliever Joel Zumaya once helped spark a baseball renaissance in Detroit. Now he's just another frustrated fan.

With the Tigers tied for last in the American League a quarter of the way through a season in which they were expected to start winning again, Zumaya sounded off Wednesday via Facebook.

'Frustrated' would be putting it lightly.

In a post published Wednesday morning on the heels of the Tigers' fifth shutout loss of the season Tuesday night, Zumaya said he is "disgusted, disappointed (and) just flat out upset on how this organization has let itself fall into a category which I thought this organization would never see again!!!"

He didn't stop there. Citing a graphic that put the 2022 Tigers and their MLB-worst offense alongside two of the worst teams in big-league history -- the 1962 Mets and the 2003 Tigers -- Zumaya called out GM Al Avila who was given a contract extension of undisclosed length midway through the 2019 season despite a now six-year rebuild that is stuck on the ground.

"I’m gonna say this straight out of my mouth, I can’t believe they gave Al Avila a undisclosed extension, blows my mind," said Zumaya. "They need to clean house, they need to go through the (front) office and start removing some of these nerds that have no clue about the good ole game of baseball!!"

Zumaya, a fan favorite who was named Setup Man of the Year in 2006 when he helped the Tigers to their first playoff berth in 19 years and their first AL Pennant since 1984, said "the good old English D is (too) iconic" and "(too) great to even let fall to these standards!!!"

"My apologies I come so bold," he added, "but as they say, once a tiger always a tiger!!!"