Enes Kanters rips Nike for remaining silent on China


Celtics Center Enes Kanter has been in the news the past week or so -- not for what he has done on the court, but rather for advocating for the disenfranchised in China.

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Kanter has brought to light a lot of the issues going on in the communist country, including the treatment of Uyghurs, an ethnic minority group. He has criticized President Xi Jinping, and now he has called out Nike over their stance on the country.

In a video Kanter posted to his nearly 500,000 Twitter followers, Kanter began by giving the shoe giant credit for speaking out on injustices going on in the United States, before ripping the company for not holding China to the same standards.

"When it comes to China, Nike remains silent," the NBA star said. "You do not address police brutality in China. You do not speak about discrimination about the LGBTQ community. You do not say a word about the oppression of minorities in China."

Kanter continued, saying Nike forces many into slave labor to