Jack Edwards fat-shamed Pat Maroon multiple times during Bruins-Lightning


Jack Edwards may have some apologizing to do next time he runs into Lightning winger Pat Maroon.

The beloved and bizarre broadcaster ripped into Maroon’s weight multiple times Tuesday night in the Bruins’ 3-1 victory over Tampa Bay, and the strangest part is, Edwards’ insults were entirely unprompted.

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While the Bruins and Lightning chased a loose puck in Boston’s end during the first period, Edwards went in on the three-time Stanley Cup champion formerly known as “Fat Pat.”

“He’s listed at 238 pounds. That was day one of training camp. I’ve got a feeling he’s had a few more pizzas between then and now,” said Edwards.

Color analyst Andy Brickley jumped in, adding that Maroon enjoys his pizzas “before pre-game.”

That gave Edwards another opening to jump in with a verbal dagger. “Inadvertent fasting for Pat Maroon is like four hours without a meal,” he said.

Edwards eventually praised Maroon for his championship pedigree, but didn’t retract his insults. “Hey, three Cups in a row. Who can argue with his formula?,” asked Edwards.

Maroon, who recently signed a contract extension with the Lightning, has enjoyed an excellent career since the Flyers selected him No. 161 overall in the 2007 NHL Draft. Four years later, Maroon made his NHL debut with the Anaheim Ducks in 2011, and became an NHL mainstay in 2013.

With that in mind, Maroon can likely withstand a few insults about his weight. But still: Edwards’ rant was completely random. At least when he called Benoit Pouliot “one of the greatest disappointments in talent in National Hockey League history,” the Bruins were playing the Canadiens in the playoffs.

Tuesday’s affair was a regular-season game in late November. The rest of the league should be on notice.

If Edwards is this vitriolic now, who knows what he’ll say when the playoffs arrive.

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